In Case You Missed It: ANC-3F Meeting Recap

If you missed the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3F (ANC-3F)  meeting last night, you can watch it in reruns on Livestream.  The roughly hour-long meeting featured a brief update on the  Soapstone Valley Sewer Rehabilitation Project and approval of the creation of an ANC-3F Soapstone Valley Sewer Project Advisory Committee.  Scheduled discussion of DDOT’s plans for neighborhood bikeways on Jennifer and 41st Streets was tabled until next month’s regular meeting, but will appear on the agenda for Thursday’s ANC-3E meeting.  Added to the agenda was a motion to ask the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) to rename its amphitheater in honor of Chuck Brown, the Godfather of Go-Go, and to encourage the DC government to reallocate funds originally earmarked for the now-scrapped amphitheater at Chuck Brown Memorial Park to refurbishing the one on UDC’s campus.  A representative of UDC indicated that the resolution might be premature given that the Board of Trustees is still evaluating the university’s policies on naming rights.  Despite this caution, and a counter motion to table the resolution, it passed with the support of three commissioners.