Property Crime up from August; Year-to-Date Crime Down Overall

MPD 2DAt the September 25 meeting of the 2nd Police District Citizens Advisory Council (CAC 2D) , Commander Michael Reese noted an uptick in property crimes in the last month, as well as in comparison to the same period in 2012, but highlighted that crime in the Second District is down overall for 2013.  A breakdown of crimes committed in the last 30 days can be found here.

Burglaries have risen this year, in part due to a recent spate of garage break-ins.  On Wednesday, the Commander announced the arrest on unrelated charges of a suspect in those incidents.  The alleged perpetrator has a long history of thefts and burglaries with 43 prior arrests, and Commander Reese predicted that burglaries would drop now that he is off the streets.

Second District residents raised the ongoing problem of car break-ins and thefts from autos across the district; there were 29  – a 480% increase over last year – in the last 30 days in Police Service Area (PSA) 202 alone.  In addition to police efforts to combat these crimes, Commander Reese strongly encourages residents to make sure their cars are locked and that all valuables are removed from vehicles, including from car trunks, stating that it would take a prolonged period of unfruitful break-ins to deter thieves who keep returning to the area.

Other public safety tips shared at the meeting included:

  • be careful when using iPhones as they continue to be a target for snatch and grabs;
  • register bicycles with the National Bike Registry, as it is often the only way for police to identify and recover stolen bikes; and
  • in the off chance you find a gun that does not belong to you – like one of the meeting attendees did – call the police and an officer will come pick it up.

On a personal note, if you have not attended a CAC 2D meeting, please consider doing so. Meetings are informal and Commander Reese is generous with his time and his responses to citizens, covering a wide range of topics.  This month’s meeting addressed the above issues, as well as touched upon briefly working with the homeless, the impact of the Navy Yard shootings and policing of medical marijuana.  He also has a great sense of humor, and his anecdotes offer a good insight into police work in the District.