Tenley View Update: Demolition on Track

Tenley View project 11/19/13

As promised by Douglas Development project manager Andrea Gourdine in an email earlier this month, demolition of the 4616 Wisconsin Avenue section of the Tenley View project looks to be on track for completion by the end of November.

A walk by the site this afternoon revealed that the former two-story commercial building at the end of the lot is no more.  And its removal is already a vast improvement.

The neighboring Murasaki restaurant seems bigger and brighter now that it is not overshadowed by an ugly black box. Hopefully new diners, as well as old fans, will come enjoy a meal at this great sushi restaurant now that they can actually see it. (For more on Murasaki, check out Tenleytown, D.C.‘s restaurant review.)

While Tenley View still has a long way to go until its projected completion date in October 2015, it is encouraging to see real progress finally being made.

Murasaki Restaurant at Tenley View site


  • Also noticed that partial demolition is now well under way at the former Armand’s Pizza on Wisconsin Ave. They tore down the lean-to that used to be on the Veazey Street side and have pretty much gutted the interior upstairs and downstairs.
    The new tenants will be Nando’s Peri Peri (a fast-food restaurant serving chicken).