Photo Friday: Fessenden Street Art

Fessenden Street Art

Since moving to Tenleytown, I have loved walking by 4318 Fessenden Street and taking in the sculptures that fill the porch and yard. The display, crafted by local artist and resident Charlie Maiorana, is a gem tucked away in the neighborhood.

I was too nervous to take a closer look until urged by a fellow fan of Maiorana, and I discovered an invitation from the artist posted in the front yard to get up close and personal with the whimsical designs. He welcomes passersby to “touch, push, and spin gently” his creations, offering neighbors an interactive and personal experience.

Invitation from Maiorana

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed watching the art change and grow, going out of my way to add the block to my route. Today’s photos are just a sampling of the installation.

Art display

On your next stroll through the neighborhood, take a jaunt by 4318 Fessenden.  I guarantee it will put a smile on your face.

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