Photo Enforcement Grace Period Ends Saturday

photo courtesy of flickr user Horia Varlan

photo courtesy of flickr user Horia Varlan

Most drivers are aware of stationary speed and red light cameras among many District intersections and thoroughfares.  Some locals may even have received dreaded traffic tickets in the mail for exceeding the speed limit or driving through a red light.

The Metropolitan Police Department’s Automated Traffic Enforcement program is designed to combat reckless and aggressive driving and make our streets safe for residents to traverse on foot, two and four wheels.

As of February 1, the MPD will add five new infractions to its photo enforcement program DC StreetSafe. Cameras will now record drivers who block or speed through intersections, fail to stop at stop signs, do not yield to pedestrians, or violate restrictions on oversized vehicles. Fines for these violations range from $50 to $300.

The cameras have been in place since November 23, 2013, but until January 31, 2014 are only issuing warnings to drivers as part of an awareness campaign.

The grace period ends Saturday.

In Tenleytown, MPD has placed cameras at several persistently problematic locations. The following are their locations, targeted enforcement category and potential fine:

  • Stop Sign: Fessenden and 41st Streets (westbound), $50 fine
  • Blocking Intersection and Red Light Enforcement: Wisconsin Avenue and Brandywine Street (northbound), $50 fine
  • Pedestrian Right of Way: 4100 block of Albemarle Street (westbound), $75 fine
  • Oversized Commercial Vehicles: 4600 block of Van Ness Street, $250+ fine

Hopefully the new cameras will help reduce traffic violations in those areas and keep neighbors safe. The absence of cameras elsewhere, however, does not give drivers carte blanche to drive with abandon.

Even if no one is watching, please remember to drive safely, obey traffic laws and look out for your neighbors – nothing is so important that you can’t slow down, stop and look both ways.

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  • nothing is so important that you can’t slow down, stop and look both ways.

    Amen to that. GPS has taught me that I might be shaving mere seconds off of my travel time by slowing instead of coming to a complete stop at 4-way intersections. I’d rather be safe than arrive at my destination 30 seconds earlier than I might have otherwise.