On the Road Again …

Photo courtesy of flickr user Tim Sackton

Photo courtesy of flickr user Tim Sackton

Remember that passport that I had put away in a drawer? Well, I’ve taken it back out again for a brief stint abroad working on my second love: democracy and governance. (My first love being Tenleytown, of course!) I’ll be a mere 7,000 miles away for the next six weeks.

So, faithful readers, please bear with me. Tenleytown, D.C. will continue to feature upcoming events and news from around town, but the updates may be a little less frequent.

And if you want to help a gal out, feel free to send me tips about what you’ve seen and heard while I’m away or what big event you or your organization may be hosting in the neighborhood. You can reach me at tenleytowndc@gmail.com.

I look forward to being back before you know it and diving back into all things Tenleytown!