Snow? Again?!?

It'll be a white St. Patrick's Day. Photo by Mark Sardella.

It’ll be a white St. Patrick’s Day.
Photo by Mark Sardella.

Don’t put those snow shovels away just yet, Tenleytown. The latest forecast for Sunday afternoon into early Monday morning predicts around 2 inches of snow to fall in the District, with a chance for up to 6 inches.

The Department of Public Works announced that the District Snow Team would go into “full deployment” on Sunday. Residents are encouraged to apply salt or deicer to sidewalks and walkways in advance of the storm. And don’t forget that sidewalks must be cleared 24 hours after the snow stops falling.

DPW has suspended street sweeping for Monday and Tuesday, as trucks have been reallocated to snow removal. No word yet on whether the storm will also impact trash removal services. Residents have had to deal with numerous delays – sometimes more than a week – in trash pickup this winter due to snow.

It’s probably safe to say that Tenleytown is more than ready to put winter behind it. Silver lining? The official start of spring is only five days away. March 20th cannot get here soon enough.