Tenley View Reaches New Construction Milestone

Tenley View enters the next phase of transforming the old Babe's Billards into a new mixed-use residential and retail project

At the start of April, Tenley View enters the next phase of transforming the old Babe’s Billiards into a new mixed-use residential and retail project.  Rendering courtesy of Douglas Development Corporation.

Don’t let the date fool you – this is no April Fools’ Day trick. The long awaited Tenley View project, the site of the former Babe’s Billiards and current landmark eyesore, will enter Phase I of construction on April 1, 2014.

Douglas Development Corporation, in an email this week, announced that it had received a permit to begin interior demolition and foundation strengthening at the site. McCullough Construction and ACECO are scheduled to begin mobilizing on Monday, March 31 and to break ground on Tuesday, April 1.

Delays in receiving permits have impeded the original timeline for construction. As Tenleytown, D.C. reported in October, Douglas Development Corporation initially anticipated that Phase I of construction would begin at the end of 2013, with Phase II scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2014.

While Phase I will begin next week, building permits for Phase II, which include sheeting and shoring, and public space permits are “still under review.” No word yet on whether the delays will impact the anticipated completion date of October 2015.

Regardless, Tenleytown will be glad to see progress at Tenley View, which promises to bring new life to a long dormant corner on Wisconsin Avenue.

Tenleytown, D.C. will continue to provide regular updates on the progress of construction at Tenley View. You can also visit the new website for the project, which launches today, and follow @TenleyViewDDC on Twitter.

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  • Wisconsin WIlliam

    While I don’t particularly care for the look and scale of the new building, I will concede that pretty much any change has to be improvement to the black hole that is the former Babe’s site.