Photo Friday: Demolition at Tenley View

Photo courtesy of Douglas Development Corporation. Used with permission. (

Photo courtesy of Douglas Development Corporation. Used with permission. (

On Tuesday, April 1 Douglas Development Corporation announced that Phase I of construction for the new Tenley View had begun. Neighbors, who have long awaited the redevelopment of the former Babe’s Billiards location, have been clamoring for photographic evidence of progress at the site. Douglas Development granted Tenleytown, D.C. permission to share this photo taken at the start of demolition of the basement slab. It looks like the project is moving forward, even if much of the action is out of sight of passersby. At this stage that is not surprising as much of the existing structure will be retained, with strengthened foundations, and incorporated into the new building. 

In addition to asking for photos, Tenleytown residents have raised questions about the project on the local listserv. Tenleytown, D.C. got some answers – albeit brief ones – from Douglas Development.

Regarding whether there will be affordable housing for low- or middle-income tenants available at Tenley View, Douglas Development stated that there would be, as “all new residential developments are required to have an inclusionary zoning component, also known as affordable housing units. This is still under review with [the Department of Housing and Community Development].”

As for Tenleytowners who are eager to know what types of businesses might set up shop at Tenley View, they will have to wait a while longer to find out. While Douglas Development hopes to attract at least one restaurant, no letters of intent or leases have been signed with potential tenants.