EurAsian Closes Its Doors


On this wet, dreary day, a warm bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup sounded made to order. So I headed to Tenleytown’s local pho restaurant EurAsian only to find that the eatery had closed.

A peek through the window revealed that the restaurant has been completely cleared out. A quick word with the owner, who I caught up with as he was entering the building, confirmed that EurAsian is closed for good. He cited rising rents, which the business could not sustain in the current economic climate, and an unwillingness on the part of the landlord to renegotiate the lease.

The closing comes just shy of a year since EurAsian first opened in Tenleytown. The restaurant opened May 10, 2013, replacing former tenant Neisha Thai Cuisine. Locals seemed unsurprised at the closure, noting the “muddled” concept for the restaurant. Perhaps a new, purely Vietnamese restaurant could make a better go of it and prove that the third time is the charm for an Asian restaurant on this corner.



    Sorry for the owner of Eurasian.  Fortunately, for local Pho lovers, there is an outstanding Pho restaurant nearby.  It is called Pho 14 and is located near the Van Ness Metro at 4201 Connecticut Ave. NW.  Website is:

  • Any word on what will replace Eurasian??