Tenley Campus Construction Enters New Phase

Two Cranes at Tenley Campus May 2014

The two cranes towering over the American University Tenley Campus are visible signs that construction of the new Washington College of Law has moved into its next phase. Excavation of the site is complete, and the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company is now conducting concrete work. Currently construction workers are installing under slab utilities for the lower parking garage level, as well as wall foundations and column footings. Through the summer and fall, the law school buildings will begin to take shape as the framework is completed. 

With the completion of the excavation phase, truck traffic around the site has dropped by 80 percent, along with vehicle noise. While neighbors are happy to have fewer trucks on the roads, they are less pleased with the number of construction workers who have been parking on neighborhood streets. American University says it is addressing this issue “aggressively” as it enforces and educates new crew members on the construction site rules.

The Washington College of Law is scheduled for completion by the fall of 2015. Those interested in the Tenley Campus project can obtain regular updates online, and even view a live webcam of construction. And stay tuned for more information on the opening of a 1955 time capsule removed during excavation at the site. A ceremony is planned for this fall.

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