Beware of Package Thieves

package deliveryA report of a suspicious man potentially casing houses in the Tenleytown area circulated on neighborhood listservs this afternoon. Under the guise of distributing Whole Foods flyers, the man appeared actually to be looking for packages left on the front steps of homes east of Wisconsin Avenue. A representative of Whole Foods Market Tenleytown confirmed that the store did “not have a team member circulating flyers, ads or stickers of any kind in the neighborhood.” Further, she said Whole Foods never distributes ads in this fashion.

Here is the email from a resident on 38th Street near Van Ness who observed the man: 

There is a man going around sticking “flyers” from Whole Foods in doors right now, but I’m concerned he may really be scouting for packages. The “flyers” are nothing more than a small set of stickers (which seems like an odd thing for WF to send out), and I watched this guy come up my stairs three times within 10 minutes while I was sitting in my living room. I was aware that there were two packages sitting on the porch, so when he came up a third time, I opened the door. I heard him run back down the stairs when the door opened, and then when I came out, he turned around as if to come back up, but then said “Oh, it looks like someone left you two of these already.” Given that I saw the same guy put those two flyers in my door just a few minutes prior, this seemed pretty suspicious to me. Also, he was carrying two large, empty-looking shoulder bags, which seemed rather large for the tiny “flyers” he was handing out.

Neighbors should keep an eye out for anyone fitting this description, and are encouraged to call 9-1-1 immediately if they observe any suspicious behavior.