Fort Reno Marker Stolen

Stolen Marker

Walking up to Fort Reno this past Monday, as my family and I set about to enjoy the unseasonably temperate summer weather and that evening’s outdoor concert, we noticed something was missing. The large stone near the path that cuts through the park had been denuded of its plaque identifying the fort’s role in the civil war defenses of Washington.

A call to the Rock Creek Park Nature Center today confirmed that someone had stolen the marker.

While some history buff may have thought the sign would make a good addition to his or her collection, Chief Ranger Nick Bartolomeo says that it’s more likely that the plaque’s copper composition made it attractive to a thief given the rising price of metals.

Bartolomeo plans to submit an order for a reproduction of the sign this week – the paperwork was on his desk as we spoke – and hopes the marker will be restored in a couple months.

In the meantime, here’s what the marker should look like:

Fort Reno marker