Neighborhood Watch Update: Overall Crime Down, But Burglaries Up

by Jon Bender
Neighborhood Watch Director, PSA 202; Vice Chair, Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 3E 

After a long hiatus, the Neighborhood Watch Update for Police Service Area 202 (AU Park, Friendship Heights, Tenleytown) is back with a good news/bad news edition.

Compared to the same period in 2013, violent crime has declined for the period March to August, as has total property crime. Breaking the latter category down, however, burglaries are up about 40 percent. Perhaps counterintuitively, thefts from autos are down by roughly 30 percent.

In the past few weeks, however, there have been reports from neighboring PSAs of brazen thefts from autos including thefts of wheels, with cars left on blocks, and thefts of airbags, which required the disassembly of steering wheels. Crime knows no boundaries, so vehicles in our area could become targets. If you observe any suspicious behavior, please report it immediately to the police by calling 9-1-1.

Many residents are away during the final weeks of summer, and criminals know this.  If you are around, please keep a close eye on neighbors’ homes.  If you are getting away these last weeks, please be sure to stop your newspaper delivery and mail (if it does not go inside your house) or have a neighbor collect your mail and papers while you are gone.

Click here for crime data for PSA 202 for the period March 21, 2014 to August 7, 2014, as compiled by Les Wexler.