Seabury Wants To Hear Your Grandparent Stories

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Do you have wonderful grandparents? Do you have the best grandchildren? In honor of Grandparents’ Day on September 7, Seabury Resources for Aging wants to hear your stories about being a grandparent or grandchild.

Established in 1978, Grandparents’ Day recognizes the special role of grandparents in families and the community. In his presidential proclamation creating the holiday, President Jimmy Carter urged citizens “to pause and to reflect on the influence [their] grandparents have had in shaping [their] own destiny, and on the legacy bestowed upon our contemporary society by [their] grandparents’ generation.”

So take a moment. Think about what your relationship with your grandparent or grandchild means to you. Recall a special memory, and honor your loved one by sharing your story. Selected stories may be featured on the Seabury website and partner media organizations.

Contact Billy Kluttz at for more information or send Seabury a tweet @SeaburySays. The deadline for submissions is September 5.

Headquartered in Tenleytown, Seabury Resources for Aging is a private nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization that provides free or affordable support for older adults and their families in the DC metro area.

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