Friendship Hospital for Animals Expanding

image courtesy of Friendship Hospital for Animals

image courtesy of Friendship Hospital for Animals

There’s some serious construction taking place on Brandywine Street, and no, it’s not at the new Tenley View. If you’ve missed what’s happening at Friendship Hospital for Animals, you can be excused as the development next door far eclipses the second story addition at the veterinary facility. But Friendship Hospital has big plans for the new floor.

According to Sara Crosman, Communications and Client Advocacy Manager, the new second story will “double the size of the hospital and allow Friendship to offer more comprehensive services to the veterinary and pet-owning community.”

In tandem with a renovation of the ground and first floors, the second floor addition will allow Friendship Hospital to provide boarded referrals in neurology, cardiology, and dermatology, and establish a pain management clinic run by a full-time anesthesiologist. Friendship will continue to provide services for surgery, critical care, internal medicine, radiology, oncology, and clinical pathology. 

The veterinary hospital also plans to provide continuing education programs for veterinarians and hold educational events for clients, as well.

Crosman says that they hope that “the depth and breadth of Friendship’s specialty services means pets owners will not have to go all around town – or even out of town – for advanced care.”

Construction of the new second story is expected to be complete by the end of year. Final fittings and renovations of the property should be complete by next spring. Friendship Animal Hospital will remain open throughout construction and renovation.