August Crime Report

image courtesy of flickr user Cliff

Through the quick action of a school resource officer the perpetrator of a sexual assault against a juvenile in Tenleytown was apprehended late last week.

MPD Second District Captain Kimberly Dickerson told the August meeting of the Citizens’ Advisory Council for the Second District (CAC 2D) that a Wilson High School student reported being touched inappropriately by an adult male near the Tenleytown Metro. The resource officer responded immediately and was able to make an arrest on the scene. The incident was the only sexual assault that took place in the Second District in August.

CAC 2D is an advisory panel in the Second District that provides the district commander with information and recommendations from the community on the public’s safety problems and police service needs.

Dickerson reported to the CAC 2D that burglaries, thefts, and thefts from autos remain the most prevalent crimes across the Second District (MPD 2D), and crime in Police Service Area 202 (PSA 202), which contains AU Park, Friendship Heights, and Tenleytown, reflects a similar pattern. The area saw a 38 percent increase in August in thefts, primarily from offices and retail stores, as compared to the same period last year, and a 25 percent increase in thefts from autos. Three burglaries also occurred this month.

Dickerson and other MPD officers reminded residents to lock their car doors and remove any valuable items from their vehicles to help deter car break-ins. Officers also encouraged drivers to keep vehicle registration documents in their wallets rather than their glove compartments. Information contained on registrations can be used to perpetrate identity theft, and registration documents have been the target of some recent break-ins.

If drivers worry they will forget to carry their registration with them, an image can be kept on a mobile phone as back-up documentation. However, officers did note that a paper copy would need to be produced for official purposes.

MPD continues to deploy plain clothes officers to areas experiencing spikes in vehicle break-ins. However, the difficult of catching thieves in the act and the number of habitual offenders who are released after short sentences makes combatting this crime particularly difficult.

While burglaries were limited in the Tenleytown area in August, 36 incidents occurred across the Second District. In a significant number of those criminals gained access to residences through unlocked doors, unsecured windows, or doors with keys left in the lock.

Residents are urged to make sure their home’s doors and windows are closed and locked, and if they will be away on vacation, to enlist a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on their home and pick up their mail and newspapers. For more tips on preventing home burglaries, visit the MPD website.

image courtesy of flickr user Cliff