Community Input Sought for Hearst Park

Hearst Recreation FacilityJust to the southeast of Tenleytown, lies Hearst Park – a four acre property next to Phoebe Hearst Elementary School. Residents of the area and frequent visitors to the park have been pushing for the Department of Parks and Recreation to renovate the park’s fields, recreation center, and playgrounds.

While DPR completed some upgrades to the recreation facility in June 2010, including installing new flooring and an ADA compliant ramp, painting, and refurbishing windows and bathrooms, other aspects of the park have been neglected including field maintenance and landscaping.

Recently DPR completed installation of new, synthetic turf on the park’s upper soccer field, which had previously become a dirt field – alternating between dusty and muddy depending upon the weather. On the heels of the upgrade to the soccer field, the Friends of Hearst Park are advocating for additional improvements, and they want your input.

Friends of Hearst Park recently released an online survey “as a way to voice community member needs and wishes for the park and amenities.” The results of the survey will be shared with DC government and DPR officials. They are asking that neighbors who frequent the park – or would like to use it if improvements were made – complete the brief survey, which can be found here.

Not included in the survey is the option for the inclusion of a dog park, though there is a comments section that encourages ideas and creativity. Given the response to an opinion piece decrying the lack of dog parks in the Tenleytown area, perhaps this is an opportunity to advocate for one, among other potential amenities at Hearst Park.

The survey does seek to gauge interest in including an outdoor pool at the park. The addition of an outdoor pool in Ward 3 – the only ward without one – has drawn significant support from residents, though a consensus on where to locate the pool has not coalesced yet.