Revised East Campus Routes Bypass Tenleytown

East Campus map - courtesy American University

Tenleytown residents received some good news last evening at a community meeting hosted by American University on its East Campus construction. Trucking routes related to the construction site will now largely bypass the neighborhood.

In June, as Tenleytown, D.C. reported, AU proposed routing construction trucks along major arteries through the heart of Tenleytown. However, the final routes approved by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) no longer include Wisconsin Avenue, Brandywine Street, or River Road. Those routes were eliminated due to other construction taking place along Wisconsin Avenue.

Instead trucks servicing the construction site will predominantly use northbound routes along Connecticut Avenue, Military Road, and Massachusetts Avenue. Nebraska Avenue will serve as the east-west connector to these routes, so Tenleytown will still experience a degree of construction traffic as trucks travel outside the area. 

Trucking will take place between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. November through February are expected to be peak months for construction related traffic, coinciding with excavation and foundations work at the East Campus. During this period up to 30 trucks a day will service the site, transiting in and out of the site up to 100 times daily.

David Dower, Assistant Vice President of Planning and Project Management at American University, informed community members that when the excavation and foundations phases coincide in November and December there will likely be a couple weeks when the number of trips exceeds 100 per day. It is highly unlikely however, he said, that there would be a true doubling of construction traffic.

American University plans to convene another community meeting in early November, shortly after excavation is scheduled to begin, to update residents and receive feedback on any issues related to associated construction traffic.