Advisory Neighborhood Commission Gets New Faces

ANC Election 2014

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission for AU Park, Friendship Heights, and Tenleytown will have a few new faces after the start of the new year. Incumbents Jonathan Bender and Tom Quinn, who won reelection on Tuesday, will be joined by newly elected commissioners Anne Wallace, Amy Hall, and Jonathan McHugh.

Unlike many ANCs across the District, there was significant competition to fill the five seats on ANC 3E, with the departure of long-time commissioners Matthew Frumin and Sam Serebin, as well as Kathryn Tinker, leaving three seats up for grabs. Nine candidates competed in the five single-member districts, garnering a lot of attention from voters who were concerned about candidates’ stances on development in the Tenleytown area. According to the DC Board of Elections, 2,824 voters ultimately cast ballots in the ANC 3E election. 

The new ANC 3E will begin its two-year term on January 2, 2015 with the swearing-in of commissioners. In the meantime, you can read about the commissioners and their visions for the neighborhood by following the links below.

Anne Wallace

Anne Wallace, 3E-01


Amy B. Hall, 3E-02


Jonathan Bender, 3E-03


Tom Quinn, 3E-04

Jonathan McHugh

Jonathan McHugh, 3E-05