New Enforcement Camera Targets Fessenden Street

Stop Sign from FreeFoto

Drivers coming into the District of Columbia frequently turn off River Road onto Fessenden Street, cutting through the residential area to reach Wisconsin Avenue, Reno Road, or Connecticut Avenue  – often zipping through the local blocks with only a casual eye for pedestrians. Restrictions on rush hour turns have helped stem the flow of traffic at peak hours, but speeding remains a problem. A new traffic enforcement camera at the intersection of Fessenden and 44th streets, however, might have eastbound drivers putting on the brakes. 

On Monday, November 3 an automated stop sign camera began capturing photos of vehicles that fail to come to a complete stop at Fessenden and 44th streets, NW. Violators will receive warning citations until December 3, 2014, when the 30-day warning period expires. After that, drivers who blow or roll through the stop sign will be faced with a $50 fine.

The Metropolitan Police Department’s Automated Traffic Enforcement program is designed to combat reckless and aggressive driving. MPD installed a similar camera at the intersection of Fessenden and 41st street in November 2013; that camera targets westbound traffic.

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