Can’t Say They Weren’t Warned

car parking notices

If you ever wondered if American University actually monitors whether its contractors are following parking restrictions in the neighborhood, we found some proof they do as we drove by the future home of the Washington College of Law this morning.

Two vehicles parked on the 4100 block of Warren Street had paper notices plastered to their windshields and driver-side windows alerting their owners that they were in violation of parking regulations. 

window notices

In case you can’t read the notice left on the truck, it states:

“To the owner of this vehicle: You are in violation of DC Zoning Ordinance No. 11-07B, which prohibits contractor and contractor employee parking in the adjacent neighborhood. FUTURE VIOLATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO FINES. Contact your supervisor for a list of approved parking areas.”

DC Zoning Order 11-07 pertains to the relocation of the Washington College of Law to the Tenley Campus, and stipulates that “no construction-related parking will be permitted on nearby residential streets.”

At first we thought some enterprising neighbors had left the warnings, but AU confirmed they were posted by university staff.

Given how thorough staff were in leaving notices, which were in English and in Spanish, the vehicle owners certainly can’t say they weren’t warned.

The parking restrictions are consistent with the university’s Good Neighbor Policy, which requires all those affiliated with American University to park on campus or in paid parking lots or to take public transportation to campus.