Photo Friday: Little Free Libraries

Free Library sign 4108 Garrison Street

I had been meaning for quite some time to share photos of the Little Free Libraries around our neighborhood, ever since a Twitter follower brought to my attention last winter the lovely blue one in front of Janney Elementary School.

A recent inquiry on the Tenleytown listserv gave me the nudge I needed to capture the free, miniature libraries that members of our community have erected. Also, given the serious public safety alerts that have popped up this week, I thought we could all use something a little more lighthearted for our Friday.

3731 Fessenden Street offerings

For those who are unfamiliar with the Little Free Library movement, it began six years ago and has grown from its roots in Wisconsin to six continents with the aim of fostering a love of literature and community. Library stewards offer a small, often eclectic, selection of books in a roofed, wooden box on a stand outside their homes. Passersby are encouraged to take a book and return it when they are done, or to leave a book of their own that they want to share with others. 

Globally there are now more than 15,000 recorded libraries, and likely many, many more that are yet to be officially registered. We found six in and around Tenleytown with the help of tips from neighbors (thank you!).

If you want to establish your own mini lending library, there’s a wealth of information, guides, and even building resources available on the official website. For now, check out these spots in the neighborhood.

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Libraries can be founded at the following addresses:

  • 4130 Albemarle Street (Janney Elementary School)
  • 3731 Fessenden Street
  • 4402 Fessenden Street
  • 4108 Garrison Street
  • 5206 41st Street
  • 5108 44th Street

Janney Little Free Library photo courtesy of Twitter user @soamiely. All other photos by author.