RadioShack Shutting its Doors Afterall

Radio Shack January 2015

Despite the protestations of the store manager last week, it looks like the Tenleytown RadioShack will indeed be closing up shop. As reported by NBC4 this evening, the store is among more than two dozen locations in the DC metro area that will close following the electronics retailer filing for bankruptcy Thursday evening.

A call to store elicited no additional information on the exact date by which RadioShack will depart. The employee who answered the phone would only say that the decision to close the store “was just finalized as of midnight last night.”

RadioShack has struggled financially in the past few years, and according to Forbes, had $1.38 billion in liabilities at the time of its bankruptcy filing.

Thanks to a reader for calling our attention to this latest development.


  • the Tenleytown store was not as well managed as the Westbard store. We shopped there even if it meant driving further. Do you know if that store is also closing?