A Snowy Evening Stroll

As of 5:30 p.m. WTOP was reporting that 6 inches of snow had fallen in our fair neighborhood.

We finally ventured out as the snow was coming to an end (hopefully? please?) and baby, it’s cold outside. While the flakes may having stopped falling, the wind is still whipping up snow leading to stung, rosy red cheeks.

The walk was worth it, though, as Tenleytown is lovely after a snowfall and especially beautiful as street lights reflect off the snow covered trees.

Snow branches

Thankfully businesses and neighbors had, for the most part, begun shoveling the sidewalks, making an evening stroll a fairly easy, if frigid, proposition.

Special recognition goes to the gentleman at Janney Elementary School who appeared to be single handedly clearing the sidewalks, stairs, and walkways around the school.

Janney Snow Shoveling


Unfortunately, Albemarle Street, like many local streets, has yet to be plowed. Hopefully, snow plows will come through before kids have to make their way to school, assuming DCPS opens tomorrow.

Albemarle and 42nd intersection


Likewise thanks go out to the folks at St. Ann’s and at Best Buy and the Container Store who were busy removing snow and salting the sidewalks.

Container Store


River Road and Wisconsin Avenue look to have been plowed a few times, though drivers should still use caution as the streets remain slushy and will only become more slick as the evening wears on.

Wisconsin Ave and Albemarle ST


Side streets are worse off than main roadways, so please be careful if you have to drive. We did see a snow plow coming down 43rd Street, so perhaps local roads will start getting some attention.

Snow Plow

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