Photo Friday: Fort Reno Snow Day

sledders with water and radio tower

Today is a gorgeous sunny day following yesterday’s snow storm. So where else would we be other than Fort Reno for some glorious snow day sledding? Locals know it has the best hill in the city, and it even made Curbed DC’s top ten list.

kids climbing the hill

Plenty of neighborhood kids came out with all manor of saucers, bright plastic sleds, and even some snowboards and skis.


Snow-covered skateboarding ramps helped one skier get some solid air as he flew down the hill. 

snow jumper

A few adults got in on the fun, too. Tenleytown, D.C. even tried a run, though all we can say about that is it wasn’t pretty and involved a serious face plant in the snow. Some things are best left to the young – or perhaps the more coordinated.

Our view over the copilot's shoulder before sledding doom.

Our view over the copilot’s shoulder before sledding doom.