Wagshal’s Plans for Al Fresco Dining


Wagshal’s delicatessen is planning a face lift as it celebrates 90 years in Spring Valley. Owner Bill Fuchs hopes to offer al fresco dining on a refurbished patio behind the deli on Yuma Street.

Currently the outdoor space is an unused, concrete wasteland. Presenting his plans to the Tenleytown Advisory Neighborhood Commission in February, Fuchs said he envisions an attractive year-round seating area, with resurfaced concrete, plantings, and a glass enclosure with sliding panels that retract during temperate months. Up to 46 diners would be able to enjoy a special dine-in only menu with full wait service. The only thing they wouldn’t be able to enjoy is alcohol, which Fuchs says he will not serve to dining customers. 

According to Fuchs, Wagshal’s neighbors along Yuma Street have responded positively to the outdoor seating area. DeCarlo’s Italian Restaurant also has an outdoor seating area nearby on Yuma Street.

ANC commissioners were also positive about the proposal, though Commissioner Jonathan Bender asked for a commitment that the glass panels be fully open during warmer months to prevent a visual interruption of public space. Wagshal’s was generally open to the condition, but asked for an exception during the typically sweltering August heat.

Fuchs filed a public space application on February 19, and anticipates the Public Space Committee will vote on the application on April 23. The ANC will discuss a resolution on the application at its April 8 meeting.

Wagshal’s hopes to open the outdoor dining area this spring.

image courtesy of Google maps