Tenleytown Donations Give Boost to School in Burkina Faso

buildOn girls

Last month, we told you about a Tenleytown resident who was collecting clothing to help raise funds to build a school in Burkina Faso. Well dear readers, it seems you stepped up in a big way.

Due to the volume of donations received and accepted by partner organization ModaVive, Kathryn Barnes’ buildOn chapter earned a bonus donation of $1,500 from ModaVive. This award is on top of the proceeds buildOn will receive through ModaVive from consignment sales of donated clothing. Barnes’ has not yet received a final tally for those sales.

“I’d love to send a big thanks to the community for participating!” Barnes wrote in an email.

She’d also like to encourage readers to consider shopping online with ModaVive as they fill out their spring wardrobes. The promo code “buildOn-BBF” will grant online shoppers a 30% discount at ModaVive. “Plus, 10% of [the] sale proceeds will help fund construction of a buildOn primary school in Burkina Faso,” Barnes wrote.

Seems like a win-win – feel good about having cleaned out your closet, and just as good when you fill it up again.

To learn more about the campaign to build a school in Burkina Faso, visit Barnes’ project page at https://act.buildon.org/buildabetterfuturekathryn.

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