Neighborhood in the News

Tenleytown Streetscape 5

In case you missed them, here are a few stories we came across this week covering the greater Tenleytown area that we thought were worth a second look.

  • Being from points south of D.C. originally, we L-O-V-E our barbecue. So we did a little happy dance we when learned via the Washington Business Journal that Pitmasters Back Alley Barbecue has some of the best barbecue in the metro area and just happens to be hidden away on Yuma Street. We know what we’re eating this weekend. ~ Wagshal’s owners find their barbecue bliss in a back alley
  • The next time you’re rolling your eyes about a fence line dispute or the curmudgeon who wants the kids to pipe down, be thankful that you don’t have someone like Mrs. Leonore Caldwell Benson Hill living near you. The Washington Post columnist John Kelly recounts the antics of Mrs. Hill, an early 1900s resident of Friendship Heights who had a penchant for litigation and brandishing weapons at workmen who disturbed her peace. The two-part series and its humorous look at a notable past resident is worth a read. ~ Remembering a time when Friendship Heights was at a pretty low pointIn 1917, some residents of Friendship Heights had had enough
  • Washingtonian magazine shines a more flattering light on Friendship Heights in its April edition, highlighting the best the neighborhood has to offer in retail and dining. Much to our chagrin, most of the focus is on the Maryland side, though some restaurants on the D.C. side get a mention. ~ Best of Friendship Heights