And we’re back…

And were back

The Tenleytown, D.C. site has been a bit quiet this summer. No, we didn’t move away without saying goodbye or give up on covering our favorite neighborhood. We did take a much needed break, however. So what have we been up to? Quite a bit. Planning community events for other local organizations, traveling with family, finally tackling that new health and fitness regimen, and even signing on as an adviser to a presidential campaign.

We’ve also been thinking about what direction Tenleytown, D.C. should take as we approach the two year mark. As you might have noticed, we’ve given the site a fresh coat of paint. Keep an eye out for some other changes in the weeks ahead – don’t worry, we think you’ll like them.

As we took a step back, however, Tenleytown kept marching forward. A lot has happened in the past few months: 

* Franklin Grille closed its doors at the southern end of the neighborhood, while Burger Tap & Shake opened right across from the Metro station. BTS is earning high praise from locals, though sadly we haven’t had a chance to sample it yet. (See new health and fitness regime above). However, we did check out the Tenley Bar & Grill following its minor renovations, and can say that this restaurant is another excellent addition to the neighborhood. Keep an eye out for a review soon.

* Councilmember Mary Cheh secured funding in the District budget to support a new Tenleytown Main Street organization. Currently under development, once formed this organization will promote the neighborhood, attract and retain businesses, and help revitalize the economic center of Tenleytown. We’ll be watching closely and keeping you up to date.

* Construction crews and backhoes have become fixtures, along with patchy roadways, as improvements are made to area water lines. Also impacting traffic is a new prohibition on left turns from Nebraska Avenue onto 42nd Street during rush hour.

* Noted D.C. blogger the Prince of Petworth left his namesake neighborhood to take up residence near our fair hamlet. To Dan we say a hearty, if belated, “Welcome!”

Some things, however, have remained the same – and we’re not just talking about the wonderful small town charm of our area. Regrettably, the renovation of Turtle Park, long anticipated, is still well over the horizon. The seven year process for replacing the outdated and dysfunctional recreation center with an expanded building for community programs seemed headed in the right direction at the end of 2014. However, this Spring problems began to emerge, and recent updates from the Site Improvement Team indicate the renovation plans remain far from final. The protracted process, combined with what some are calling a “bait and switch” in the design, has led to impassioned exchanges on local listservs and in the Northwest Current. Clearly, this is will be an ongoing story, one we’ll be covering but hope won’t take another seven years.

Other projects still under discussion include the Georgetown Day School’s expanded campus and plans for a mixed use development, and the future of the Steak ‘n Egg site. Stayed tuned for updates on these projects and more.

All in all, though, we’re optimistic as always about where the neighborhood is headed, and can’t wait to get back to bringing you all the latest from around Tenleytown. So thank you to those who reached out – yes, we are well. And to those who have been very patient, we are back and, hopefully, better than ever.