Photo Friday: Murals of Tenleytown

The Tenleytown area is no stranger to public art, from Art on Call, which transforms old call boxes into display cases for paintings, to outdoor displays by local artists. One of our favorite forms, though, is the murals on walls across the neighborhood, some even in unlikely places. This week we thought we’d share a few with you. If we’ve missed your favorite, let us know in the comments, or better yet, send us a photo at, and we’ll add it to the gallery.

3800 Fort Drive

If you haven’t come across this mural giving a peak inside one artist’s conception of urban apartment life, you’re not to be blamed for missing it. The mural, created by DC-native Coby Kennedy, is adjacent to the Fort Reno water tower behind the Fort Reno reservoir and pumping station. What’s more, a chain link fence keeps visitors at bay. However, you can still enjoy the mural, painted in 2013 as part of the MuralsDC program, from a distance.


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4700 Wisconsin Avenue (Steak ‘n Egg)

Regardless of one’s politics, we think the reproduction of Shepard Fairey’s iconic image of Barack Obama is a colorful tribute to our current president – and one that helps spruce up an otherwise drab exterior at this beloved local eatery. Whether Obama returns or not after Steak ‘n Egg’s reconstruction, we hope the owners will include a mural as part of the new building.


Obama mural at Steak 'n Egg


4205 Van Ness Street

We previously showcased this mural when it was completed in 2013, but we still love the whimsical nature of the painting. We’re also pretty partial to its highlighting of the District’s statehood status – or rather lack thereof.



4530 Wisconsin Avenue (Middle C Music)

Okay, so this isn’t an outdoor mural, but we love it so much we had to include it. Unveiled earlier this month, the 34-foot mural depicts a more musical – and dare we say fun – Tenleytown along Wisconsin Avenue. Artist Elizbeth Ennis graces one end (she’s the women in yellow holding a paint brush), while Middle C Music owner Myrna Sislen welcomes all at the other. We especially like the double homage to the Beatles and the great classical composers. Don’t be shy about asking to see the mural. Middle C Music staff are more than welcoming.

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