Hudson Trail Outfitters Closing After 30 Years

Hudson Trail Outfitters Closing

Hudson Trail Outfitters in Tenleytown

Another one bites the dust. Long-time Tenleytown retailer Hudson Trail Outfitters, LTD announced today that it would be closing all of the local chain’s stores.

In a statement on the company’s blog, CEO Sandy Cohan wrote: “The retail landscape has changed so much within the last 36 months and the Company has decided that the time has come to begin to ‘wind down’ all company affairs, knowing that it never had to compromise any excellence standards on behalf of the community.”

Hudson Trail Outfitters opened its first store in 1971. The Tenleytown location has been a staple of the neighborhood for roughly 30 years.

The company has yet to announce an official closing date for its four retail locations in the D.C. area. An employee at the Tenleytown store said it would depend upon how fast they are able to sell the current inventory. HTO plans to hold a going out of business sale; more details are expected later this week at the Tenleytown location.

The store employee confirmed that patrons’ current valid coupons and preferred customer rebates would continue to be honored through the store’s closing. However, starting Friday, September 4, no more coupons or cash back awards would be issued.

Hudson Trail Outfitters is located at 4530 Wisconsin Avenue, at the intersection with Brandywine Street.


  • Sad, sad, sad! >

  • It’s very sad, but it has obviously been coming for a while. Outdoor store has been on a decline for the past several years, with poor inventory management and indifferent customer service. Bike store staff have been helpful, but inventory has gone way down. This didn’t have to happen.

    • It’s always so easy to sit back and complain. That company has served our community for almost 40 years. I have found their inventory to be great. Same with their service.

  • Disappointing news. But today’s retail makes it tough for a specialty retailer to compete with the likes of Amazon and other web goliaths.

  • should be *retail market*