Neighborhood in the News


In case you missed them, here are a few stories we came across this week covering the greater Tenleytown area that we thought were worth a second look:

  • In other development news, Roadside Development purchased two properties in nearby Van Ness. While Roadside’s plans for Van Ness are interesting, what caught our eye was the firm’s vision for the building it owns at 4435-4437 Wisconsin Avenue. According to the Washington Business Journal, there are no immediate plans to redevelop the Tenleytown location. However, new tenants are on their way, including a replacement for one of the neighborhood’s many mattress stores. ~ Roadside acquires Van Ness and Silver Spring commercial properties, future redevelopment likely
  • Last Sunday, the Wilson Jazz Ensemble performed live on Fox 5 as part of the station’s game day coverage of the Washington football team. The jazz band is one of six music ensembles available for Wilson students through the instrumental music program at the high school. ~ Grooving on Game Day
  • Lastly, the D.C. Council is considering legislation that would remove Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners from office if they miss three consecutive meetings. While apparently a serious concern in other parts of the city, thankfully, commissioners serving on the Tenleytown/AU Park/Friendship Heights ANC have strong attendance records. Critics of the bill argue that instead of focusing on absenteeism, for which there are other remedies like recalls, the Council should focus on better relations with ANCs, financial support for websites and webcasting of meetings, and more staff resources. ~ Nadeau Introduces Bill to Boot Absentee ANC Commissioners