An Inside Look at Soon to be Completed Tenley View

Exterior of Tenley ViewA few Tenleytown neighbors got to take a sneak peek inside the nearly complete Tenley View courtesy of Douglas Development Corporation and Ward 3 Vision, which hosted a hard-hat tour of the building at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Brandywine Street.

Douglas Development project manager Andrea Gourdine and senior site superintendent Ben Easlick of McCullough Construction guided tour members through residential units on the third and sixth floors of the building – as well as provided a special rooftop visit that offered spectacular views of the surrounding city.

The five residential floors at Tenley View offer 60 rental units, including five two-bedroom apartments, 54 one-bedroom apartments, and a single studio unit. Oculus Realty, LLC will manage the residential rental units, and plans to begin signing lease agreements in early November, according to Gourdine.

One-bedroom apartments, which comprise nearly all of the available units, range in size from 500 to 750 square feet. The units are cozy, light-filled modern spaces. Ample, expansive windows and nine and a half foot ceilings, along with neutral-toned finishes, make the apartments feel more spacious, as do the available views of the neighborhood.

Tenley View kitchen

One of the younger members of the tour group checks out the brand new kitchen.

From the third floor, residents can take in the Tenleytown streetscape and historic surrounding buildings, while from the sixth floor they can see clear through to the National Cathedral, Bethesda, and the Bull Run Mountains, depending upon which side their unit faces.


View of historic Fort Reno from 6th Floor

Given that Tenley View will be substantially complete by December 2, Gourdine anticipates that tenants will begin moving into the building in mid-December.

Residential tenants will not be eligible to obtain residential parking permits for the neighborhood, nor will they be able to park at Tenley View as the new building does not include any parking spaces. However, there are four bike storage units available for tenants, as well as public bike parking. Douglas Development will also install a Capital Bikeshare station across Wisconsin Avenue at the intersection with Brandywine. Gourdine anticipates that the bikeshare station will be installed in the latter half of 2016. Tenley View is also about a tenth of a mile from the Tenley Metro Station and close to numerous bus lines, offering several options for transit.

While the tour did not include the retail section of the building, Gourdine confirmed that District Taco had officially signed a lease to become Tenley View’s first commercial tenant. Douglas Development is in talks with additional retail tenants, but Gourdine was not at liberty to provide any further details other than that they were hoping to attract another restaurant for the lower level space that faces Brandywine Street. Tenley View includes nearly 19,000 square feet of retail space.

Concurrent with interior work, Gourdine told the tour that the undergrounding of power lines should be complete by the end of this month. This will pave the way for the completion of the exterior facade. Currently the power lines are too close to the building for facade work.

For more updates, check back here for the latest construction and business news in Tenleytown.

View from Tenley View roof looking toward Virginia

View from Tenley View roof looking toward Virginia


  • No residential parking permits or parking in the building? Does that mean this building was designed only for very able-bodied persons who only use bikes or walk or use Metro? Seems like it excludes older people who might like to live closer to Tenleytown’s amenities, but are used to driving instead of riding a bike. Or are older people supposed to housing designed for them?

  • My view is just the opposite of this. I think I’ll be unable to (our at least should not) drive before I’m unable to walk or take transit.

  • In March 2015, I happened to notice that the Tenley View address (4600 Wisconsin Avenue) had been added to the list of addresses eligible for RPP. It was listed as a single building, rather than the entire 4600 block.

    WISCONSIN AVE NW 4600 S 3 (S stands for single building, 3 is Ward 3)

    Residents of any building in the database would be offered an RPP when they register their vehicle.

    I wrote to DDOT asking for information on who requested that the building be added to the database and the process by which the request was reviewed and approved for addition to the list. Since there were no residents at that address, it doesn’t seem that the addition could have been a result of a standard petition filed with DDOT. DDOT did not provide any information, even after Councilmember Cheh wrote them requesting that they respond. After a many months and a series of e-mails, but without explanation, that address was dropped from the RPP database.

    But there is no reason to assume that it cannot be added again, under the radar, as easily as it was added a couple years ago. There are more details in my August post on the Chevy Chase listserv and in my Zoning Commission filing.

  • THe original agreement with the ANC for the area called for the developer to underground the tangle of power and other lines strung along outside the building along the Wisconsin Ave frontage. I believe there is a penalty payment incurred if that doesn’t happen. What is the status of either the undergrounding, the enforcement, or the agreement?

    • We were told on the tour that the underground conduits have been installed. Soon, if it hasn’t already happened, PEPCO will transfer the power to the new lines and the old ones and some poles can come down.

    • After communicating with Douglas Development, we’ve learned that Pepco has completed undergrounding their wires. Other utilities recently began undergrounding their lines or will do so this week, with the exception of Comcast which has yet to set a date to begin work. As we understand it, final facade work can’t begin until the lines are down due to their proximity to the building, so the construction team is eager for undergrounding to take place.

  • Here is a link to my photos of the tour