Man Found Dead in Safeway Parking Lot


Police at Safeway

Police car guards scene at Safeway parking lot on October 19, 2015.

Shoppers at the Safeway grocery store on Davenport Street in Tenleytown yesterday encountered one lane of the parking lot cordoned off with police tape. A lone police car blocked access in the otherwise quiet lot.

Safeway staff would not comment on the police presence or what might have precipitated it. However, today Tenleytown, D.C. has learned from sources within the Second District police that the squad car stood watch over a sad scene.

According to MPD, an elderly man was found deceased in his car. Apparently the decedent was well known by Safeway employees and frequently spent time there in his parked car. Police say he appears to have died of natural causes, though the incident remains under investigation.

The deceased’s name has not been released at this time.