Neighborhood in the News: Great Weight and Neighborly Kindness


In case you missed them, here are a few stories covering the greater Tenleytown area that we thought were worth a second look:

  • On Tuesday, a semi-automatic weapon was discovered in a student’s backpack in a 4th floor math classroom at Woodrow Wilson High School. The Washington Post reports that a sharp-eyed student reported the weapon to a teacher, who quickly called in authorities. The teen in possession of the gun is currently being detained by the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services. ~ Police say student with gun at Wilson High School put weapon in another student’s bag
  • If you are looking to bolster your faith in the power of community, then you must read this beautiful story of one neighbor’s compassion and care for another when she was at her most vulnerable. It is also a powerful testament to the resources Iona Senior Services provides when more help is needed. ~ My Deaf Neighbor Wrote, ‘Mother is Dead.’ Many More Notes Would Follow
  • And lastly, while not specific to Tenleytown, we think it is still relevant that the D.C. Council Committee on Housing and Community Development announced it will hold a roundtable on the “great weight” given to Advisory Neighborhood Commission input. The December 16 meeting will seek to understand the legal meaning of the great weight provision and how to make it more effective. ~ Announcement of Public Roundtable on the Definition of ANC’s Great Weight