Snow Storm Jonas Hits Tenleytown

Well to state the obvious, our dear Tenleytown friends, there’s a lot of snow out there today and no sign of it letting up.

Snow covered Tenleytown street

While others may sensibly be curled up in front of fires or sipping hot chocolate, we had the bright idea to go out for a walk around town. A few other intrepid souls also ventured out, including two joggers – yes, that’s right, joggers to whom we’re giving the fitness dedication of the year award – but the neighborhood was largely quiet save for the occasional sound of snow shovels scraping sidewalks.

Snow shoveler

Neighborhood teen works to clear sidewalk.

District crews were hard at work plowing and salting the roads, and the snow emergency route on Wisconsin Avenue seemed to be in fairly good shape. This does not mean you should get in your car and go for a drive. And if you get the urge, please stop, turn around, and head back to your seat in front of the fire immediately. To make the point, if a D.C. snow plow can get stuck, you most certainly can, too.

District snow plow getting a tow on Wisconsin Ave.

District snow plow getting a tow on Wisconsin Ave.

Up at the Metro station, a two-man crew was hard at work clearing the sidewalk at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Albemarle Street. Metro service has been suspended through Sunday, but these guys were already looking ahead to Monday. We extended a hearty thanks to them – and to all those who have already shoveled their sidewalks in the business district.

Metro crew cleared sidewalks around the Tenleytown-AU station.

Metro crew cleared sidewalks around the Tenleytown-AU station.

For those who want to take a walk, many of your neighbors have shoveled sidewalks as well, which makes the outing a bit easier. However it’s still slow going and most spots are not clear. To echo the mayor and other officials, please do not try to walk in the middle of the road. Snow plows have a hard time seeing snow covered pedestrians. Plus they are trying to do a Sisyphean task, so let’s stay out of their way.

If you do make it up to Wisconsin Avenue, we were able to confirm that CVS is open for business, though the pharmacy and photography department are closed. The manager is there, along with two other employees. We spotted a couple shoppers getting mid-storm supplies.

Tenley Village resident carrying home a few supplies.

Tenley Village resident carrying home a few supplies.

Steak ‘n Egg is also open – and toasty warm inside. Our neighborhood diner makes a great stop mid-walk for a hot cup of coffee and a bite.

Steak n Egg is ready to welcome you

Steak ‘n Egg is ready to welcome you.

Other restaurants were slated to open sometime today, but as of noon were still closed. Give them a call before you venture out.

Stay safe, stay warm, and have fun!

Father pulls child in sled

Father pulls child in sled in front of the City Church


  • Seems like this was a big but gentle storm that carried a lot of snow and created strong wind. But thankfully so far it has not left great damage in its wake. The photos reflect that too. Hoping it stays this way. . .

  • Thank you for this very neighborly and very well written and useful update on our neighborhood!

  • Friendship Hospital for Animals is open 24/7 throughout the storm wit staff members sleeping there to ensure patients can receive care and emergencies can be attended to!

  • Great storm coverage — before, during and after — and wonderful photos. Thanks a lot.