Tenleytown Businesses, Residences Priority for DC Security Camera Program

security camerasTenleytown residents, businesses, nonprofits, and religious institutions are eligible for financial assistance to install security camera systems as part of Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Safer, Stronger DC initiative.

The Private Security Camera Incentive Program offers rebates for security cameras installed on the exterior of a property and registered with the Metropolitan Police Department.

“The installation of private security cameras in the city is another step to deter crime and assist police during investigations,” said Mayor Bowser announcing the program on February 17, 2016.

Under the program, the police department would be able to request footage from the cameras to assist in investigating crimes at or near their location. Police would not have access to live video feeds.

Camera owners are eligible for rebates of up to $200 per camera, with a maximum rebate of $500 per residence or $750 for businesses, nonprofits, and religious institutions. Applicants for rebates do not need to be the property owner, but do need to be a tenant and have the written permission of the building’s owner to be eligible for reimbursement.

Although the funding became available on February 2, cameras installed after September 22, 2015 are eligible for the rebate program. The District does not require a specific model or manufacturer for the cameras, but does have minimum technical and video quality specifications.

PSA 202 Map

Police Service Area 202

Rebates will be available until funding for the $500,000 program runs out. Until August 1, 2016, the program is only open to residents, organizations, and business owners in select priority areas in each of MPD’s seven police districts. The areas were “selected based on crime levels and public safety indicators,” according to a release from the Mayor’s office.

Police Service Area (PSA) 202, which includes Tenleytown, AU Park, and Friendship Heights, is among the priority areas.

Business owners and residents interested in applying for a security camera rebate can register their cameras with MPD online and complete the Private Security Camera Incentive Program application online, as well. Applicants will receive a response within 10 business days, and a rebate within 45 days once approved.