Small Change at Metro Station is Big Improvement

Metro exit

As you turn the corner at the western exit of the Tenleytown-AU metro station, you might notice a bit of a difference these days. Can’t quite put your finger on what it might be? The unused, poorly maintained, and – dare we say – eyesores otherwise known as newspaper boxes have disappeared!

Residents can thank real estate firm CBRE, which manages the commercial properties at Cityline and worked with local authorities to remove the largely unused boxes, greatly improving the look of this block.

Never fear, many publications are still available at the boxes across Wisconsin Avenue at the Metro’s other exit. Be careful, however, when reaching for your favorite local paper. When we last sought to pick up the latest copy of the City Paper, we found the box being used to store someone’s belongings. And therein lies one of the challenges of newspaper boxes. Many are not well maintained or are used as de facto trash receptacles or storage.

We are in favor of local, independent publications, many of which distribute through newspaper boxes, and free access to the press. However, with the Tenley-Friendship Library just steps away, local residents have free access to most of the publications found in our newspaper boxes either in print or through the library’s public computers.

Removing the dilapidated boxes at our Metro stations is a small step that measurably improves the look of the surrounding area without sacrificing media access.


  • Ann Eichenberger

    What a huge improvement. Congratulations to those who made it happen!

  • I agree! A huge improvement! I’ve been complaining about these ugly boxes for years. Now can we please get rid of the ones across the street on the east side that are unused or poorly maintained?

  • Great idea! Thanks.

  • Check out the way the boxes are ganged into a well-designed “super-box” at the Dupont south station. That, plus some nice planters, really improves the look of the street entrance. Perhaps a model for other locations?