Chick-fil-A Erects Temporary Safety Structure

Chick fil A WallConstruction at the future home of Chick-fil-A on Wisconsin Avenue, between Starbucks Coffee and Panera Bread, has begun in earnest with interior demolition largely complete and façade renovations underway.

Don’t worry, though. The monolithic plywood structure that currently juts into the sidewalk in front of the new restaurant is only temporary. The barrier is a safety measure to protect pedestrians as construction crews remove and replace the storefront. The wall will come down once the building is enclosed again.

In its place will be an outdoor patio with seating for 24 patrons. Chick-fil-A anticipates that its outdoor seating will not extend as far into the public space as its neighbors’ patios do, leaving a wider sidewalk area.

During renovations, workers may temporarily limit pedestrian access in front of the property to facilitate debris removal, as we directly observed today. Flag men paused pedestrians while a Bobcat emptied dirt into a dumpster at the curb. They were remarkably efficient, and our fellow walkers were on their way in under a minute.

Façade renovations are anticipated to be complete in late May. No word yet on a final opening date, but we hope to have an update soon. Stay tuned!


  • Hi Neighbors, how lovely, another fast food restaurant. But wait, we still need an International House of Pancakes, a Burger King, and a Wendy’s. Certainly I can’t be the only person living here over the age of 22 who wonders if Tenleytown is becoming the fast food center of Washington DC. Is this what the neighborhood vision planning is all about?

    • Support your local businesses. They will stay , leaving no empty buildings for fast food occupancy.

  • Support your local businesses and they will stay open.