About the Author

While I’ve lived in Washington, DC for more than a decade and a half, the majority in Tenleytown, my career kept me traveling for much of that time – first across the United States and then around the world.

Originally from a small Southern town, I had been feeling decidedly rootless in my chosen community and wanted to get to know Tenleytown better than I had over the last several years.  I already felt a pull toward the neighborhood, as my son is a fourth generation Tenleytowner, his father, grandmother, great-grandfather and great-grandmother having all lived at one time on Yuma Street.  Today, we live a few blocks north of Yuma, but still love the small town feel that Tenleytown offers in the midst of Washington, DC.

Now that I’ve put my passport in a drawer for a while, I’ve decided to create the Tenleytown, D.C. website to share my passion for this community and as an outlet for discovering more about it.  I’ll be writing about local politics, entertainment and life in this neighborhood atop the city.  I hope you enjoy the website and that you will share your own thoughts, experiences and recommendations about Tenleytown.

Love this neighborhood, too? Want to write about what’s happening here? Send me an email at tenleytowndc@gmail.com.

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