Amy Hall – Candidate for ANC 3E-02

Amy B. Hall
4606 Fessenden Street, NW

Originally from eastern Long Island, New York, Amy B. Hall has lived in the Tenleytown/AU Park area since 2001. Her family moved to the area from Capitol Hill, attracted by the neighborhood, easy pedestrian and Metro access to city amenities, and the local schools.

Tenleytown, D.C.: Why are you running for office?

Amy B. Hall: I’ve always tried to be active in the community where I live. For a number of years I served on the board of the Janney Extended Day program, when it was parent-run. I participated in a number of DC Office of Planning initiatives as an interested resident, and participated in the recent school boundary discussion, as well. I believe that I can bring a common sense approach to our local issues, and I look forward to working with the local residents and business owners to improve our (already great) community.

Tenleytown, D.C.: What changes would you like to see during the next ANC3E term?

Amy B. Hall: Our small SMD on the westernmost sliver of the Tenleytown/AU Park/Friendship Heights neighborhood doesn’t include many of the development properties of the Wisconsin Avenue corridor, but I would welcome the opportunity to work with the other ANC representatives on improving the options – whether housing, restaurants or other businesses – for local residents in our area. I also hope that we can find an agreeable solution for the vacant Superfresh site that will provide a new use or tenant without disrupting the neighborhood character.

Tenleytown, D.C.: What is your vision for this community over the next 5 years?

Amy B. Hall: I believe it is important to preserve the quiet and welcoming character of our community, but still encourage opportunities for growth and development. Many of the families who live here have selected this area because it has a cozy neighborhood feel with easy access to the many amenities and opportunities DC has to offer. I believe as the Wisconsin Avenue corridor is redeveloped over time, it can offer more opportunities for families living here, but we also must balance that in a way that retains the character of our community.

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