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Opinion: Celebrating National Good Neighbor Day

It may not be a major holiday or even appear on your calendar, but National Good Neighbor Day is one of the most important holidays to celebrate. The day is a reminder of the importance of communities, large and small, and the simple, but generous act of being kind to those who live around you.

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The Wilson High School Budget Debate

In the proposed school budgets for next year, Wilson High School faces a significant 10.5% reduction in its per-pupil allotment. The Wilson community does not want to see any school’s budget reduced, nor does it aspire to have more overall per-pupil funding than any other comprehensive school. However, DCPS should find other dollars to make its budget whole.

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Stand with Wilson HS Against Westboro Intolerance

The anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church has targeted Wilson High School, planning to picket the school on Monday, June 9 in response to its 2nd Annual LGBTQ Pride Day. Westboro thrives on generating media attention. Let’s thwart them by shifting the focus with a large-scale, peaceful demonstration of support for Wilson and the LGBTQ community. Tenleytown is a wonderful, open, diverse community. Make that the story the media tells on Monday.

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Speakeasy Dog Parks in Tenleytown

Notes from the Dog Owner’s Underground
by A Dog Owner in Tenleytown

Having an active dog off-leash in Tenleytown is like drinking liquor in Prohibition-era speakeasies. Dog owners share secret spots where they let their dogs run during off-hours for short stints before dispersing as quickly as they came, always on the lookout for eager cops ready to ticket.

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Management at Safeway Needs an Overhaul

Tenleytown’s neighborhood Safeway is sometimes referred to as Secret Safeway (not to be confused with the now-closed one in Dupont Circle) given the minimalist signage and lack of a street-facing storefront.   However, better monikers might be sad, slow and substandard.  If you are a resident of Tenleytown you may already be nodding your head or may have indulged in your

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