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As part of a quest to get to know and celebrate the neighborhood, Tenleytown, D.C. has set forth to dine at the many restaurants this town has to offer. We’ll mostly be sticking with local fare, rather than the big chains (sorry Subway and Popeyes!). Check back frequently for amateur restaurant reviews, and add your own take in the comments section. Also, please share your suggestions for restaurants we should try.

Read Restaurant Reviews. Or click one of the restaurants for specific reviews: Bread & SaltCoffee NatureKitty O’Sheas; Masala ArtNando’s PERi-PERi; Tartufo

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Comings and Goings

Find out which restaurants are opening in Tenleytown and which ones are closing their doors.

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Under new management? Major renovations? Special events? Be the first to know what’s happening in Tenleytown’s dining scene.

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