Jonathan McHugh – Candidate for ANC 3E-05

Jonathan McHughJonathan McHugh
4524 Van Ness Street, NW

During his 14 years living in AU Park, Jonathan McHugh describes his community involvement as focused on crafting a number of visions for reasonable development around the community, including public facilities, mixed-use development, reasonable traffic management, and a holistic approach for community members of all ages.

McHugh has served as co-president and a member of the Janney Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association. He worked with Janney staff to implement an enrichment program and established a diversity group to craft a diversity vision for the school community. As a member of the Janney School Improvement Team, McHugh fought for funding of a renovation and an addition for the school.

As a member of the board of the Friends of Friendship Park for 13 years, McHugh helped craft a vision for the future of Turtle Park, including the park’s forthcoming renovation and new community center. He also worked with city agencies to fix long-standing drainage problems on the park’s fields that had caused flooding on adjacent properties.

McHugh is the owner of Roark Design, Inc. He attended the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and the University of Maryland, College Park. He previously ran for ANC in 2010.

Tenleytown, D.C.: Why are you running for office?

Jonathan McHugh: I’m running for ANC to continue the work I started 13 years ago, working with community members and D.C. to build a safe, strong, and vibrant community. I believe my extensive experience working with my neighbors and the city to tackle tough issues and meet complex challenges along with a holistic vision that provides organizing principles for lending community context to that work, make me the most qualified to represent my SMD. I will bring a thoughtful, balanced and open-minded approach to the commission that should yield optimum results for the community.

Tenleytown, D.C.: What changes would you like to see during the next ANC 3E term?

Jonathan McHugh: I would like to see the ANC take a more balanced approach to development; pursue a more holistic approach to traffic management, one that looks at the community as a whole and examines the root drivers of traffic issues when implementing solutions; and maximize the use of public amenities in a transparent and equitable manner.

Tenleytown, D.C.: What is your vision for this community over the next 5 years?

Jonathan McHugh: In the next five years, I would like to see the community finish the final stages of upgrading amenities, such as schools, recreation, safe sidewalks and streets; encourage a wealth of community activities using our facilities, including dances, socials, afternoon teas, and concerts; encourage the most efficient use of our facilities through better government execution; and pursue a reasonable, balanced approach to development within and around our community.

One comment

  • Rebecca Weir - 4227 46trh Street NW

    Jon, now that you have been elected as our ANC representative, we need your help with those pesky circles! Construction to make them permanent is beginning next week. Pls call me to discuss – 202.320.3705. Your neighbor, Rebecca Weir (we spoke on election day – I was handing out lit for Lorie Masters)

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