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Neighborhood in the News

Prehistoric plants invade the Metro, while cutting-edge artists seek to chart Tenleytown. Plus, we’ve got boozy milkshakes. All in this week’s Neighborhood in the News.

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August Crime Report

Through the quick action of a school resource officer the perpetrator of a sexual assault against a juvenile in Tenleytown was apprehended late last week. While burglaries, thefts, and thefts from autos remained the most prevalent crimes across the Second District (MPD 2D) and the Tenleytown area.

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Friendship Community Garden: A Hidden Oasis

Across from Turtle Park tucked back away from the street and nestled up to the edge of the reservoir sits the Friendship Community Garden at 45th and Van Ness Streets. On my frequent walks to the park with my son, I had often seen the plots along the edge and wondered about its origin. I finally decided to walk over the other weekend to take a closer look.

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