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Wilson HS Overwhelms Westboro with Love

Hundreds of Wilson High School students, faculty, community members and local leaders joined together this morning in an overwhelming display of love, tolerance, and respect. The demonstration was a counter to a protest organized by the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church. The notorious hate group targeted Wilson High School in response to the school’s second annual pride celebration in support of

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Stand with Wilson HS Against Westboro Intolerance

The anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church has targeted Wilson High School, planning to picket the school on Monday, June 9 in response to its 2nd Annual LGBTQ Pride Day. Westboro thrives on generating media attention. Let’s thwart them by shifting the focus with a large-scale, peaceful demonstration of support for Wilson and the LGBTQ community. Tenleytown is a wonderful, open, diverse community. Make that the story the media tells on Monday.

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