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Budget Shopping at Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market in Tenleytown wants to help you learn how you can purchase good, clean eats for under $50 a week. Scheduled before GDS announced it had purchased the Tenleytown Safeway and the grocery would eventually close, this event seems particularly timely as residents – many of whom have been scared off by Whole Foods’ pricey reputation – start to

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Management at Safeway Needs an Overhaul

Tenleytown’s neighborhood Safeway is sometimes referred to as Secret Safeway (not to be confused with the now-closed one in Dupont Circle) given the minimalist signage and lack of a street-facing storefront.   However, better monikers might be sad, slow and substandard.  If you are a resident of Tenleytown you may already be nodding your head or may have indulged in your

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