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Fort Reno Marker Stolen

Walking up to Fort Reno this past Monday, my family and I noticed something was missing. The large stone near the path that cuts through the park had been denuded of its plaque identifying the fort’s role in the civil war defenses of Washington.

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Photo Friday: Old Enders Farmhouse

Built in the late 1800s, the house at 4330 Yuma Street, NW originally belonged to Engelbert Enders, a dairyman who hailed from Baden, Germany.  Enders’ dairy farm was adjacent to the Dunblane estate – today the American University Tenley Campus – and parts remained operational into the 1920s.  The residence is one of the oldest homes still standing in Tenleytown today.

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Photo Friday: Ft. Reno

During the Civil War, Fort Reno guarded one of only two North-South routes into the capital, and was involved in the only battle that took place in the District of Columbia.  Today the park, which no longer has any vestiges of the Civil War fort, includes a baseball field, several tennis courts, and large grass field areas.

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