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Wagshal’s Plans for Al Fresco Dining

Wagshal’s delicatessen is planning a face lift as it celebrates 90 years in Spring Valley. Owner Bill Fuchs hopes to offer al fresco dining on a refurbished patio behind the deli on Yuma Street. Fuchs envisions an attractive year-round seating area, with resurfaced concrete, plantings, and a glass enclosure with sliding panels that retract during temperate months.

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Lil Omm Gets Big Profile

Recently, local resident and business owner Pleasance Silicki was featured in UrbanFamily, a new online parenting magazine created by the team behind UrbanSitter, a website that connects parents with trusted babysitters used by others in their personal networks. The profile of Pleasance, originally published here, was a wonderful peak inside the journey and philosophy of a woman many in our neighborhood have come

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Tenleytown Safeway to Present Development Plans Next Month

New information about a planned mixed-use development at the Tenleytown Safeway emerged during the October 10 Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 3E meeting.  At the request of Safeway, which wanted more time to complete a Planned Unit Development (PUD) proposal before appearing at a public meeting, a formal presentation was pulled from the official agenda. However Chairman Jon Bender shared highlights

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Packed Agenda for August 29 ANC3E Meeting

ANC3E Chairman Jonathan Bender released the draft agenda for the August meeting, which will be held next Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in Tenleytown Room I of the Embassy Suites at the Chevy Chase Pavilion. It’s an ambitious slate of issues for a single meeting.  Discussion of the potential creation of a “business district improvement organization” falls at the end of the schedule.  Hopefully

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